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Archery Tag Arena in Toronto, Vaughan, GTA. Play the hottest sport in the coolest air-conditioned arena. Unique customized archery tag experience for everyone in the family.


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Archery Tag Tip (5): Sideline Rules


TAG Tip #5: Sideline Rules

Many archers spend a lot of time in the middle of the field, shooting targets, shooting opponents, grabbing arrows from the safe zone, getting shot.  Few pay attention to the sidelines that they miss the wonderful diagonal view from extreme left and right, where opponents’ back sticking out from behind the bunkers looks like targets painted in large red “X”. 



Archery TAG Tip (4): Open Up and Protect Your Medic


TAG Tip 4:

Yes you are tagged out.  Yes you called for your medic.  Don't just sit there!  Kneel up, open your arms and be as big as wall as possible so that your medic can hide behind you, it's okay that you get it again but not so if your medic is out.


Archery TAG Tip (3): Target Practice from Mid-field


TAG Tip 3:

To maximize the hit chance and to minimize aiming when trying to hit the 5-point target, many players choose to stand just behind the safe zone line to aim.  This expose the player to enemy fire from multiple angles.  It is actually not much harder to hit the 5-point targets from around mid-field instead of near the safe zone. During a normal Archery Tag game in our arena, The Archery Tag team setup our 5-point target at approximately 12 feet apart, compared to the official rule of 20 feet apart.

Archery TAG Tip (2): Pace Yourself


TAG Tip 2:

The Archery Game understands that it is a exciting experience the first time you step into an Archery Tag arena.  Your adrenaline is going wild and your heart pumping fiercely.  For the first couple of games, you might want to pace yourself by doing more walking than running.  Even though each game is approximately 6 minutes long, it's quite a workout actually and if you don't pace yourself, you might run out of stamina sooner than you think.


Archery T.A.G Tip (1): Bunker Illusions


Welcome to our first installment of our T.A.G tip series.  We would like to bring you a series of useful tips for archery tag beginners as well as experienced players.  Hopefully these tips can help you become the next Katniss or Legolas in the arena.

TAG Tip 1:
Try not to stay behind the bunkers for too long.  The design of the archery tag bunkers are amazing!  They make you feel safe, yet experienced players will always find an angle to tag you out of it.  = )  Walking left and right in the mid or back field is actually a much more effective way of avoiding shots.


Am I strong enough to shoot the arrow?


Lately, we've been getting a lot of questions about our archery tag bows. We would like to take this opportunity here to address some of these questions and provide some helpful clarification.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

  1. Do you have custom bows for younger children and female participants?
  2. What is the draw weight of the bow?
  3. Would I be strong enough to shoot the arrow?

And the number one question asked:  Would I have enough strength to pull the string and shoot the arrow far enough? In order to answer these questions, we would need to first better understand what draw weight is.

Draw weight is the maximum amount of force you will use while drawing your bow. This is important as draw weight determines – 1) how much weight an archer can pull, 2)how much energy the arrow will have and 3) how far the arrow will travel. 

 At T.A.G, only one-type of bow, with a standard draw weight of 25-28 lbs, is provided and used. This is considered a safe draw weight for non-experienced archers and suitable for large range of individuals with various age and built. As much as we’d like to offer customers with bows of different draw weights, this would, in fact, violates the agreement with the Archery Tag Head Office. We are hoping this rule may be changed in the future.

Below is a chart that will help you determine the appropriate starting draw weight based on your body weight and gender. Simply read and find the description on the left-hand column that best suits you, and then refer to the suggested draw weight on the right column. Based on this chart, you should be able to determine if our bow is suitable for you.

Archer's Weight                                                       Suggested Draw Weight

Small Children (50-80 lbs.)                                       15-20 lbs

Larger Children (80-110 lbs.)                                     20-28 lbs

Small-Frame Female (100-130 lbs.)                          25-30 lbs

Medium-Frame Female (130-160 lbs)                      25-35 lbs

Small-Frame Male (120-150 lbs)                               30-45 lbs

Medium-Frame Male (150-180 lbs)                           40-55 lbs

Large-Frame Females (160+ lbs)                              30-45 lbs

Large Frame Men (180+ lbs)                                     45-60 lbs


Please keep in mind the numbers in the chart are estimations and suggestions only. They are mostly suitable for beginners who have never shot a real recurve bow before, or who have very limited experience with archery. You may be able to handle less or more of the suggested draw weight depending on your physical condition, stamina and skills. One thing for certain is that as you gain more experience shooting recurve bows, your strength will obviously increase and be able to handle more draw weight.

Another important fact to know - the bigger the draw weight, the more powerful the shoot is. For example, it would take a draw weight of 100 lbs to kill a bear. The archery tag bow has a special design feature that only allows a maximum draw weight of 28 lbs. Knowing that in a typical game of archery tag, it often involves players with different size, gender and age. The restricted draw weight keeps the game well balance, safe and fun for everyone. Of course, more skillful players would have higher accuracy to keep the game competitive.



Get Active & Win an Apple Watch Sport!


Summer is just around the corner, it’s now the perfect time to get in shape. Receive an amazing workout by playing the most popular archery tag sport in Toronto. How to make this more fun? How about working-out in style with the latest and hottest gadget – an Apple  iWatch Sport value over $500?

 All archers participated in at least one game session between May 8th and May 31st would enter into a prize draw for a chance to win one (1)  Apple 38mm Watch Sport.

How does it work?  

    •    Book your game session between May 8th and May 31st 
    •    Check-in on Facebook or use hashtag “#thearcherygame” on any social media when you arrive for your game session
    •    Receive a draw ballet from us for completion
    •    Enjoy your game and stay tune for the winner announcement on June 1st

Please review prize draw rules and regulations for further details.

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